Summer Camp in Northern Georgia is Great for Kids

Spending the summer at a summer camp in Northern Georgia is great for kids because it’s where they can have the best time of their life enjoying unique landscapes such as the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. Having fun playing and participating in exciting activities is only one of the benefits of … Continue reading

Summer Camp in Georgia Promotes Forever Friends

The summer camp experience is often one of the best things that happens in a child’s life, and camp friends often turn into best and forever friends. Why? Summer camp gives kids freedom to be themselves, and also the opportunity to compete or rally together with lots of kids their … Continue reading

Summer Camp North Georgia

If you’re looking for a great summer camp for your child, Camp Blue Ridge is activity-oriented, family operated, and an accredited summer camp in North Georgia. Our summer program is designed to develop an independent camper within a community setting that focus’s on education and social development. At Camp Blue Ridge in North Georgia, campers … Continue reading

Summer Camp Georgia

Your kid could have their best summer yet at Camp Blue Ridge, activity-oriented, family operated, and accredited coed summer camp in Georgia. We strive to develop an independent camper within a community setting, safe and nurturing that focus’s on educational and social development. At Camp Blue Ridge in Northern Georgia, campers create forever friends. Nestled within … Continue reading

North Georgia Team Building

If you’re looking for a great retreat or conference center in North Georgia for effective team building, Camp Blue Ridge is an inspirational facility surrounded by beautiful mountain views. Camp Blue Ridge retreat and conference center is a great place in North Georgia for team building and has so much to offer your group. Our location provides … Continue reading