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Welcome to the Camp Blue Ridge Blog, “Letters from Camp.” Here we’ll try and give you a little peek into camp life with updates and details all the way from the Blue Ridge Mountains. #CBRForever!

  • 21 Signs You Go To Sleep Away Camp - The phrase “living 10 months for 2″ is something we hear quite often from our campers at Camp Blue Ridge. It’s no doubt we all wait 10 months out of the year just to get back at our favorite place for a short 2 months that fly by! Summer camp … Continue reading
  • Why Being a Camp Counselor is the Best Job You’ll Ever Have - You become a role model to your campers. As a camp counselor, you are the most important person in your camper’s camp life at that time. They will want to dress how you dress, act how you act, eat what you eat, listen to the music you do, etc. It … Continue reading
  • As Summer Gets Closer, Our Kids and Staff Get Fired Up! - As June gets closer and closer, we can feel the camp energy in the air! There is nothing like the excitement that comes with the first day of sleep away camp! One of the best parts about a recreational summer camp like Camp Blue Ridge, is the non stop, action … Continue reading
  • How Do I Prepare My Child for Camp Blue Ridge - For parents, the most heart racing, adrenalin-pumping moments happen when you let go and watch your child try something on his or her own. The moment the training wheels come off, the first trip down the driveway on the skateboard, the time our children ride the school bus – these … Continue reading
  • How to Give your Child the Best Summer Camp Experience - Summer camp has all types of children; children who react differently to certain situations, socialize differently, and take away from experiences differently. No matter what type of child you are sending away to sleep away summer camp, a positive and enriching outcome will always result. When sending your child to … Continue reading
  • Because of Camp - By choosing a summer camp experience for your child, you’ve committed to their growth in the summer months, and for months to come. For a camper, at summer camp they see days filled with laughter, friends, adventure, and countless memories made. For a parent and camp director, at summer camp … Continue reading
  • A Letter From A Camper - Although I am only 14 years old, I can honestly say that some of the experiences I’ve had at summer camp I will remember for the rest of my life. Some of the things that I’ve had the opportunity to do at camp most people will never do in their … Continue reading
  • Family & Fun - Discover Camp Blue Ridge, all that we are and all that we stand for. Camp Blue Ridge is more than a sleep away summer camp, it is a family, and a forever bond shared between the owners, directors, staff, campers, and their families. The bonds that are created within the … Continue reading
  • Activity-Based Summer Camp - Camp Blue Ridge is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, 15 minutes under the North Carolina boarder, in the North East corner of Georgia, equidistant to Tennessee and South Carolina. Our 250 acres sits in the valley of the surrounding mountain landscape. Every year, since 1969, Camp Blue … Continue reading
  • Special Events at CBR - A camper day to day routine at Camp Blue Ridge is always action pack. With 6 unique activity periods each day, and their schedule changing every 3 days, campers get the chance to participate in all of our 50 plus activities as often as they’d like. Activity areas are coed, … Continue reading

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