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Welcome to the Camp Blue Ridge Blog, “Letters from Camp.” Here we’ll try and give you a little peek into camp life with updates and details all the way from the Blue Ridge Mountains. #CBRForever!

  • Session B Week 1 - Session B campers have come together from all over the world and found common grounds in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. The session started on June 25th and is off to a great start. New and returning campers alike are finding their home away from home here at … Continue reading
  • Week 2 at CBR - As week two at CBR continues, campers have found their second home here at Camp Blue Ridge in Northern Georgia. Each cabin has gotten into their own unique routine, and as our boys head counselor says “Camp is running smoothly like a well-oiled machine.” Campers and counselors are just as … Continue reading
  • Weekend Fun at Camp Blue Ridge - This past week has been a fun-filled week for all the campers at Camp Blue Ridge. The teen campers went on the first teen trip of the summer on Wednesday night. They went to the movies and had the option of seeing Wonder Woman or The Mummy. The most exciting … Continue reading
  • First day of Session A! - The first day of Session A at Camp Blue Ridge Summer 2017 is off to a great start! New and returning campers are boasting with excitement, whether it be during the meal time sing-alongs or their daily activities. On the first night of camp, the entire camp gathered at the … Continue reading
  • We’re Getting Ready for Summer 2017! - Prepping, Packing, and more! Whether it’s your 1st, 5th, or 10th summer with us at Camp Blue Ridge, there are many things you need to do to get ready to head to North Georgia! here are some tips and tricks for getting prepared to leave for summer camp! Packing There … Continue reading
  • Meet the Staff for 2017! - We are so excited for everyone to meet our Camp Blue Ridge Staff for summer 2017! They are coming from us from all over the US, England, Australia, Mexico, and more! As we gear them up for the summer, we can’t help but notice just how enthusiastic and passionate they … Continue reading
  • Find Us On Social Media! - Social media is our favorite way to keep campers and families involved in Camp Blue Ridge! Throughout the year, and over the summer, pictures, info, and updates are posted all over our social media outlets. Make sure you follow us so you don’t miss out! Facebook – Blue Ridge Camp … Continue reading
  • Camp Apparel 101 - Any summer camp camper will tell you, there is nothing better than rocking your comfy camp apparel all summer, and all year, long! From the standard first day t-shirt, to the cozy sweatshirts, funky socks, hats, backpacks, and more! How you rock your camp apparel shows just how much you … Continue reading
  • How to Pack for Special Events at CBR - One of the greatest part of overnight camp is the special events and wacky relays that take place weekly! The weeks at camp are action packed with activities, and the weekends are full of mud races, relay races, olympic days, decathlons, and more! Recreational summer camps are known for special … Continue reading
  • Take a Tour - Visit us for a Tour Take a tour to get the best sense of what we have to offer and how we can customize to help facilitate a great retreat for your group. During your tour, you will be able to ask the questions that are specific to your group, … Continue reading

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