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Session B…Session B…Session B!!!! What an INCREDIBLE first week it was!! As soon as the campers who arrived on the bus ran off like there was no tomorrow, session B had officially begun!! Only at CBR can SO much happen in one week. Where do I even begin? Oh I know! Let’s start off with the first day. Each cabin played a few get to know you games at the flagpole, and immediately following that, the entire camp made their way to the amphi theatre for the annual camp fire with the lovely Lori and Joey Waldman. After that, the campers unpacked, dinner was served, and the first day was complete!!! On Monday, each cabin traveled together and tried different activities that they were scheduled to do. That day is always super fun. The rest of the week has been the regular schedule!!! Tonight is the rockstar social!! I cannot wait to see what all of our CBR rockstars will look like. All night, they will be rockin away to the jams that play at the socials. The CBR drama kings and queens are putting on the production of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” this session. Chloe Carter is directing it once again, and I am 100% sure it will be a spectacular show!! Willy Wonka is Bertrand Williams, Charlie is Jack Steinman, Violet is Belle Johns, Veruca is Ava Simon, Mike is Cole Strickland, Augustus is Macdonald Cobb, Grandpa Joe is Jordonna Levin, and finally, Grandpa George is Chase Levin. I can already tell this will be an unforgettable show!! These campers are splishing and splashing their way through summer sixteen. Jackie Corin, Robert Hoffberger, Brett, Noah Katz, Jaydon, Harris Aversa, Matthew Newman, and JJ Stein signed the one and only golden ski for their outstanding performances in ski!!!! HUGE CONGRATS to all of our skiers!! Watch out Gabrielle Douglas; these CBR gymnasts are coming though! Jackie Solarana(G15) and Sasha Kaiser(G15) accomplished their handspring off the beam. Rachel Tescher(G15) completed her cartwheel on the beam. Alexis Lynn(G13) did a flip off of the vault and landed it. Alexis also mastered her handspring. Jamontae Grant(B22) got his handspring as well. Go all of you!!! Super awesome!! Who doesn’t love a game of follow the leader? Or should I say “follow the Joy”! Joy, the outdoor skills counselor, and now the hiking counselor, has really made hiking a popular activity at Blue Ridge. Sofie Gress(G15), Sarah Guttman(G15), Michael Akselrud (B22), Parker Hershkowitz(B22),and Matthew Leval(B22) all completed the following tasks: packing, topo sand mop, and totem pole . Alec Feldman(B22) completed the totem pole as well. Great job hikers!! See you guys on top of a mountain one day!! Brooke Rothschild(G13) has been doing an excellent job in cheerleading this past week! She can fly, base, and backspot! How cool is that!? “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-a-Dee-ay. My, oh my, what a wonderful day!” Today, the campers who have climbing as one of their six periods get to go ziplining!! See you guys flying through the air! Tomorrow is Bunk Lip Sync, and Monday is the Fourth of July! So much to look forward to in the(very) near future 🙂 Well CBR friends and fam, my time here is done for now. I hope all of you guys enjoyed this weeks pictures by the

wonderful Madison Jakob. HUGE shoutout to her and her fantastic pics!!!! I will see all of you next week!!! Don’t miss me TOO much!! XOXO, Taylor Goldman 🙂