Our Daily Summer Camp Schedule

Here you’ll find our schedule for a typical day of summer fun. For more details about the activities available at our sleepaway camp, visit Activities & Facilities.

  • 8:30amWake Up
  • 9:00amLine up & Breakfast
  • 10:00amclean up
  • 10:45am ~ 111:45am1st Activity Period
  • 11:45am ~ 12:45pm2nd Activity Period + Camp Store
  • 1:00pm ~ 2:00pmLUNCH
  • 1:45pmMail, Packages & Rest Period
  • 2:30pm ~ 3:20pm4th Activity Period
  • 3:30pm ~ 4:20pm5th Activity Period + Camp Store
  • 4:30pm ~ 5:20pm6th Activity Period
    Teen Swim Ends @5:45 + Camp Store
  • 6:30pmLine Up & Dinner
  • 7:30pmEvening Activity
  • 9:15pmFreshman Curfew + Teen Canteen + Camp Store
  • 10:00pmJunior Curfew
  • 11:00pmTeens Curfew

The Daily Jam

Six periods of exciting activities and…

  • Creative and organized evening programming
  • Catered meals in our dining hall include:
    • Fruit & Salad Bar
    • Hot & Cold Entrees
    • Beverages
    • Fresh Baked Goods Daily
  • A fully-staffed health center located on the premises
  • Daily canteen
  • On-campus fully-staffed laundry
  • Cabins are AIR CONDITIONED, concrete block constructed cabins with new solid oak bunk beds, individual cubbies and indoor shower & toilet facilities

Always something to do!

At Camp Blue Ridge, one thing is for sure: There’s always something to do! Our days are jam packed with activities for all ages, interests and skill levels. We have a selection of over 50 activities in the areas of athletics, aquatics, outdoor adventure, cultural arts and more.

With 250 acres of room to play in, our campers enjoy multiple facilities such as indoor and outdoor activity areas, a heated pool, two lakes and newly constructed cabins that provide a cozy home away from home.

Rock Climbing
Whitewater Rafting
Virtual Reality