Introducing the Camp Blue Ridge Staff Training and Recreation program (STAR) program for rising 11th graders! STAR is similar to CIT and LIT programs; it provides participants the opportunity to develop strong leadership skills and self-confidence in the camp setting. These skills are not only applicable to camp but will also foster leadership in the communities to which the STARs will belong throughout life, including their school, college, neighborhood and workplace. Within our supportive camp setting, our STARs will participate in various hands-on leadership training activities. At the same time, they live with a cabin of younger campers and will be mentored by the cabin’s counselors and directors. They will participate in fun and challenging team building activities, as well as off/on campus trips which facilitate the development of a strong, cohesive group of STARs each session, leading to what often become lifelong friendships.

What is star?

  • A STAR is entering their junior year of high school. If they have been to camp before, they are preparing to make the transition from camper to staff member. STARs are not typical “Campers,” nor are they “Staff”; STARs are entirely their own category. STARs must possess positive character and personality traits in order to be effective leaders and role models. Learning to be welcoming and inclusive in a diverse camp community, and learning what it means to be a leader in the context of that community will make them a STAR!

Benefits of Being a STAR

  • STARs gain experience through hands-on training with staff and campers in their cabins and weekly meetings with their supervisors and/or directors. They will leave camp ready to be strong leaders at camp and at home, and be ready with an understanding of workplace standards. STARs will learn the importance of giving back through social good. Additionally, they will learn what it takes to be a good role model.
  • STARs will have a variety of privileges at CBR! Our training session will begin with a day on Lake Burton or an on campus special event! STARs will have significant time off of their responsibilities to hang out with their age group and fellow CBR staff members. By being a part of the STAR program will be an experience like any other at camp – freedom, community, pure fun, and preparation for the real world.

STARs Expectations & Privileges:


  • STARs will begin the summer with a great kick-off pontoon trip on Lake Burton or an on-campus event.
  • STARs will be housed in camper cabins that they are working with and there will be staff members living in the cabin with them.
  • STARs will be role models for the campers living in their cabins.
  • Curfew for STARs is 12:30am during the STAR program.
  • STARs will be responsible for organizing an evening program or special events of their choice.
  • STARs may spend time with the Camp Directors and other staff in various activities and roles.
  • STARs report to the Program Director or another assigned staff member.
  • Stars will be able to develop and enhance their own skillsets during participation at many activities.
  • STARs are expected to follow the same technology guidelines as other staff.


  • STARs will have a day off camp. The leadership director will have the whereabouts of those who choose to and are allowed to attend.
  • STARs will be allowed to lead at least one cabin activity when their supervisor deems appropriate.
  • STARs will assist in various activities during their time at camp.

Areas covered in the program may include:

  • Understanding the role of a staff member through the reading of the staff manual and shadowing their assigned counselor.
  • Off camp community service hours when available in the community.
  • Leading the camp in an all-camp evening activity while also demonstrating the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.
  • Preparing and facilitating a cabin activity.
  • Developing and building leadership skills through direct guidance and hands-on training and team-building activities

STARs should:

  • Have a desire to work with children in an outdoor residential camp setting.
  • Have a strong desire to learn the fundamentals of camp counseling.
  • Exhibit attitudes and behaviors that help build the self-esteem of self and others.
  • Have the ability to take direction from peers and adults.
  • Arrive at camp with at least one certification discussed during the interview process; i.e., lifeguarding, rock climbing, archery, boating, etc.