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Welcome to the Camp Blue Ridge Blog, “Letters from Camp.” Here we’ll try and give you a little peek into camp life with updates and details all the way from the Blue Ridge Mountains. #CBRForever!

  • All Good Things Come to an End - Time flies by when you’re having fun, and you’re always having fun at Camp Blue Ridge. As session A is coming to a close, the campers are making the most of their last moments at camp until next summer rolls around. The two weekers this year have been given opportunities … Continue reading
  • Fueling Our Campers with Nutritious and Delicious Meals - It’s the 50th anniversary of Camp Blue Ridge and the food is 50 times better than it has ever been, thanks to our newest chef Robson and his team. This year, the food has been extravagant in the display of the meals as well as in taste. The kitchen team … Continue reading
  • Random Acts of Kindness - Here at camp we like to focus on the positive. Every Friday night, we hold services before the social. These aren’t just any kind of Friday night services, they are friendship services. The services are run by the oldest campers who help lead in singing songs about friendship with the … Continue reading
  • CBR at Dark - A day at Camp Blue Ridge consists of activities all day long… but what do we do at night? Well, after the campers have showered and ate dinner, we put together a night activity for the campers to play a fun game and hangout with everyone. Night activities sometimes include … Continue reading
  • CBR’s 50th Anniversary Opening Day - After long awaited months of preparation and excitement, Camp Blue Ridge has finally opened the gates for the 50th anniversary summer. The camp staff stood all around the summer camp to welcome the campers and their families by giving tours of the camp grounds and settling in the campers. Each … Continue reading
  • Then and Now: Why Summer Camp Is More Important Than Ever Before - Then and Now: Why Summer Camp Is More Important Than Ever Before February 11, 2019 Andy Pritikin Our children are growing up so much differently than we did, with so much of their lives spent staring at and touching glowing screens. I looked for information in my encyclopedia, dictionary, or local library, … Continue reading
  • Dressing Up & Going All Out at CBR - While going through Camp Blue Ridge’s website, Facebook, Instagram, etc., there is something very specific that stands out and makes you smile. The campers at Camp Blue Ridge go above and beyond for themed social nights, relay races, bunk performances, and more! One of the most amazing things about camp … Continue reading
  • A Summer Without Social Media - Social Media. In recent years, there is no doubt that our younger generations are being raised through and consumed by social media. One thing I do love about social media is that it has provided an amazing way for camp friends to stay in contact with each other throughout the … Continue reading
  • Fall Reunion & Get-Together - Alumni, current/prospective campers, staff, & families are all welcome to join us this Sunday, October 21st @ Sawgrass GameRoom in Sunrise, FL! 12pm-2pm. Our annual South Florida reunion & get -together will be a day full of games, food, fun, & friends! Camp Blue Ridge will be providing a 2 … Continue reading
  • Being a Camp Counselor Will Change Your Life - Whether you have grown up as a camper, experienced the magic of being a counselor, or have no clue what the job entails, being a camp counselor this summer can change you life in ways you’ve never imagined. You leave behind your comfortable life and embrace a new routine in … Continue reading

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