Meet the Camp Directors of Camp Blue Ridge

Joey & Lori Waldman

Camp Directors Joey & Lori Waldman

Joey & Lori Waldman

An integral part of the Camp Blue Ridge family are owners/directors, Lori & Joey Waldman. With a combined 70 years of camping between them, they remain dedicated to the beliefs and ideas of what camp does for a child.

Joey was just 11 years old when his parents, Morris and Sheila Waldman, founded Camp Ocala in 1970. Starting his employment in 1975, his 5 years as a counselor and a certified aquatics instructor, prepared Joey for his athletics director position when his parents started Camp Blue Ridge. He has been a camper, counselor, unit leader, a head counselor, athletic director, program director, an assistant director and of course, now, runs Camp Blue Ridge with all the knowledge and heart he has gained.

Lori taught for 33 years, every grade from 2nd through high school. She started working at Camp Blue Ridge when she and Joey married. Having been to summer camp herself in her early years, her love of camp was already there. At Camp Blue Ridge, she is the healthcare manager, program director and the off-season retreat/conference center coordinator.

Together she and Joey work closely with their head counselors and staff to make sure every child has a fun, safe summer making memories and friends that last a lifetime. Along with their daughters, Rikki and Alexa, they welcome campers, staff and their families into their Camp Blue Ridge family.

Morris & Shelia Waldman

Camp Directors Morris & Sheila Waldman

Morris & Sheila Waldman

Morris and Sheila Waldman the founders of Camp Blue Ridge, have been in camping since 1970 dedicating their lives to creating a community camping atmosphere for so many families worldwide.

Sheila Waldman is a former teacher and camp administrator and is now the finance manager at Camp Blue Ridge. Morris Waldman is still supervising the maintenance and facility care along with overseeing the delicious meals prepared in our kitchen. He is a certified dietician and ensures every child enjoys meals that cater to their dietary and other special needs. Together they have carried on the camp traditions that will last for generations.